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sloppy set!~



reaaaaaaally want the sloppy set, it’s so cute omg, has anyone got one going spare/can get hold of for me? i can pay you 80,000 bells for it! it’s not much but omg i need this set in my life~ tysm lovelies<3

I just saw a giveaway happen for it at villagersonthepoopdeck :0 If that is unsuccessful i can ask for help from kairucrossing and we can dupe one for you~

I’d be happy to help if you need it.



A “I’m sorry your art prize is taking super long to be finished” gift for mayorblythe AHH IM SO SO SORRY I’ve been pretty busy with art and irl stuff.

Oh my gosh!!! Its soooo beautiful! Thank you so very much! I would wait forever though~ you’re amazing and great talent shouldnt be rushed, this is a super sweet gift and i love love LOVE it! Thank you thank you! \(^~^)/

What a wonderful piece of art! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

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